Kristen Buchanan is proof that you don’t need to be based in the city to be a regular metropolitan winners. She has had success in town with the likes of Two Blue, Lucky Liaison, Lucky News, Echo Effect and Niccobelle to name just a few. In recent times Kristen has been given the label “The Midway Queen” astutely targeting the Midway trainer only events. We also won the first edition of the $500,000 Midway Four Pillars with Oakfield Arrow.

Kristen Buchanon rides most of the horses in the stable on a regular basis. Furthermore we only have experienced track work riders. This team mentality helps her find the best-suited rider and handler for each horse. This also allows us to monitoring their progress to fast track their progression.

Kristen Buchanon has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Exercise Physiology, and use of Etrakka technology give her an edge in the competitive field of racing. This contributes to an impressive strike rate and continued success at Group level. Etrakka is a Heart Rate and GPS monitoring system. Enabling Kristen Buchanon to monitor and tailor training programs that work for the individual horse. Consequently this allows close monitoring of fitness and soundness both when in full work, and when spelling.

At Buchanan Racing we understand that no two horses are alike. We pride ourselves on being a boutique stable that takes a “tailor made” approach to your horse’s individual needs. Including exercise, feeding, handling and educational requirements.

Kristen Buchanon, Kristen Buchanon, Kristen Buchanon

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