Affordable Racehorse Syndication Shares For All Budgets

Affordable racehorse syndication shares

With the lucrative prize money being offered in racehorses ownership there is no better time to be part of the sport of kings.

It’s all about quality not quantity

Our emphasis in selecting horses has been mastered over 15 years and is based on a strict selection process. We are focused on conformation and type. We pride ourselves on purchasing correct, sound horses that are athletic. Always striving to provide quality racehorse ownership that has seen many winners at group level.

To ensure your racehorse has the best chance to succeed on the track we only use the best spelling farms, breakers and educators at our disposal to give your race horse the best start to their racing career.

Our Commitment

Group One Thoroughbreds is committed in providing a non-stressful ownership experience, so every owner can enjoy the journey of race horse ownership. We put the owners and their experience first; ensuring that owners are ‘not just another number’ in our system no matter the size of your share.

We have one point of contact in relation to your horse.

Simple Fixed Flat Fee.

Unlike most other syndicators Group One Thoroughbreds has a fixed flat fee for ongoing upkeep expenses. Above all this gives you peace of mind that you know what your costs will be every month.

Group One Thoroughbreds does not charge management fees. Furthermore all prize money your racehorse wins gets paid directly to your chosen account, we do not take any.

What we deliver to our owners?

We aim to provide an involved thoroughbred racing experience to all of our clients. Importantly our services include:

Race day owner entry.
Regular Updates on Race Horses.
Regular Training Updates (Audio & Visual).
Relevant Race Information, Including Nominations, Acceptances and Barrier Draws.
Insider Reports from Trainers and Jockey (Audio & Visual).
Delivery of Photos, Video Footage (including Jockey Cam) of your thoroughbred.
Trial video links.
Race day video links.
Race results.
Pre-race and post-race comments from the trainer.

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